Vive Jeanne d’Arc


joan of arc

Sunday, May 30, is the feast of St. Joan of Arc. I always think of Joan as a somewhat overlooked, or perhaps misunderstood, saint once you get out of New Orleans or France. Joan is my Mom’s name. I, and my oldest daughter, took Joan as our Confirmation name. It is also my third daughter’s middle name. So my family definitely feels a kinship with St. Joan. Encyclopaedia Britannica lists Joan as one of 300 Women Who Changed the World. And change the world she did. Visit EWTN for a brief history of the life of the Maid of Orleans.

Thanks to Lacy over at Catholic Icing for pointing me to Catholic Heritage Curricula’s Joan of Arc coloring pages 1 and 2.

Garden of Praise has a nice set of Joan of Arc printables that includes: word search, crossword puzzle, word scramble, study sheet, worksheet, vintage coloring page, and even a Joan of Arc test.

Vive Jeanne d’Arc

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