Animal autographs . . .

. . . otherwise know as animal tracks!

For our very last class of this school year, I took my Conservation Frontiers kids out to make casts of animal tracks. It is a simple and fun process. All you need is plaster of paris, water, strips of card stock for the mold form, and an animal track.
cast Mix the plaster of paris and water: 2 parts plaster to one part water. Do your mixing at the site of your track. Place your form around your track, pushing it slightly into the ground. When the plaster starts to thicken, pour it into your form. Within about 10-15 minutes you can remove the cast and peel off the paper. Don’t forget to carve your name and date into the bottom before the plaster hardens completely.

We found raccoon, deer, squirrel, and heron tracks. Give it a few hours before you rinse off the mud.

Have fun and enjoy the great outdoors!

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