Special Church Years

In 2008, the Pauline Year, I began creating a page with links and resources to help families celebrate and participate in the current special Church year. I continued to update the page throughout the year and did the same the following year for the Year for Priests.

The Catholic Church celebrates these special years as declared by the Pope. They are are designed to draw us closer to some aspect of our Catholic heritage and to shower us with graces and indulgences.

Here is a partial listing of recent special years with links to my resource pages. If you can fill in any of the blanks, please leave a comment below!

2025 — Jubilee of Hope

2021 — Year of St. Joseph

2016 — Jubilee of Mercy

2015 — Year of Consecrated Life

2014 — Year for Consecrated Life

2012 — Year of Faith

2009 — Year for Priests

2008 — Pauline Year

2004 — Year of the Eucharist

2002 — Year of the Rosary

2000 — Great Jubilee

1999 — God the Father

1998 — Holy Spirit

1997 — Jesus Christ

1994 — Year of the Family

1993 — Holy Year of the Redemption

1987 — Marian Year

1983 — Holy Year of 1950th Anniversary of our Redemption

1975 — Holy Year of Renewal and Reconciliation

1967 — Year of Faith

1954 — Marian Year

1950 — Holy Year

1933 — Holy Year of 1900th Anniversary of our Redemption

1925 — Holy Year for the Missions

1900 — Holy Year

1886 — Our Lady of the Rosary

1300 — Holy Year

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  1. Alexandra Lajoux

    Thank you for this list. The year 2010-2011 (for the Arlington Diocese in the USA at least) was the Year of Holy Matrimony.

    • You are welcome, Alexandra. Yes, many diocese and archdiocese do proclaim special years, but I am just listing the ones called for by the Vatican. Otherwise, I might go crazy! Wishing you a Holy Lent.

    • You are most welcome, Ava!

  2. Ava Eadie

    Hello, I began looking for the different Holy and special Church years recently when I realized that my Grandson was born in the year of Faith in the Church. My intention had been to align the Church years with birth years of Members of the family, but I could not find a single list…I had to randomly pluck in years I could remember. I appreicate this list which only confirms that not all of us get to be born in a special year in the Church…thank you

  3. Just to update you: on November 30, 2014 (First Sunday of Advent) begins the year designated by Pope Francis as the “Year for Consecrated Life”, but I have not yet seen a logo.

  4. Our Chronicles mentioned that in 1959 it was a Year of the Eucharist. But I can’t find anything about that. Would you be able to check into that, and if it is verifiable, add it to your list and let me know? 🙂

  5. I don’t see any 1959 Papal Year of the Eucharist listed anywhere. It may have been a diocese declared year. I will keep an eye out, but nothing so far.

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