American Life League has created a Culture of Life Studies Program for grades K-12. This new program provides teachers and parents a way to interact with students and help them understand and apply pro-life principles in all areas of study. This program is perfect for homeschools.

Forces in our culture incessantly attack the moral foundation of young people. These forces attack the dignity of the human person by promoting promiscuity, abortion, homosexuality, pornography, and euthanasia—pillars of the culture of death. The current education system, including some private schools, incites unethical intellectual engagement and moral relativism. This leads young people to destructive behaviors and a self-centered mindset—and away from objective truth. Young people today deserve help in distinguishing the truth from the myriad of lies and webs of deceit spun by the leaders of the culture of death.

Content is still being added but when all is done resources will include:

  • Further reading and study options
  • Downloadable resources for purchased supplements
  • Hands-on activity suggestions that guide real life application of complex ideas
  • Discussion-based learning and critical thinking activities
  • Web and video multimedia resources that encourage students to explore topics beyond the classroom
  • Current events with discussion questions/answers and helpful links to keep you and your students engaged in the culture of life
  • The opportunity to share ideas with other teachers and parents as well as ask questions from pro-life leaders

There are several programs underway. You can even download a free sample.


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