Here I will document the process of creating (or possibly finding!) a costume for Max’s pointe solo variation, Pas de Trois from Swan Lake.

There are many styles used for this dance, most have a renaisance look and some feature an empire waist.

Here are some ideas:

1 2 3 abt

So far we have looked at every online costume company and in the hard copy catalogs at our studio and we have come up with nothing. The search continues.

We finally have something we like. Unfortunately it is an older costume (new on eBay) and we are not finding it in the right size. Hopefully one will turn up. If not, we may use this is our guide. This is at least a start!


After much deliberation, we have decided to adapt a costume we already have. The cut and style of this costume is better than anything new we have seen, but the cream color is wrong. Today we bought 3 yards of sheer golden fabric – $15 at a local fabric store. With this we will make an overlay to the existing cream skirt. We will also add renaisance-type poufs at the top of the sleeves. This should change the look of the costume for us. We will probably add more gold embellishments to the bodice as well.

gold sheer

Total cost so far – $15.

Our headpiece is complete. The dancer’s hair will be parted in the middle and braided in two low ponytails. These will be wrapped low and wide just above the nape of the neck. The headpiece will sit just above this.

We cut small ivory lillies and planted them in three globs of hot glue, which were then sewn onto the plastic comb. For ribbon colors, we chose ivory and a gold that matches our overlay fabic perfectly. Ribbons were sewn together by machine and then hand sewn onto the comb. We’ll cut the ribbons so they end slightly above the shoulders, and we might curl then a bit.


This was very inexpensive to make:
– silk flowers — Garden Ridge, $2.50
– plastic comb — Walmart, $1
– 2 rolls of ribbon — Walmart, $3
Total cost of headpiece – $6.50

Total cost so far – $21.50



With a competition in two weeks, it is time to get this costume finished. Today we made the arm poofs that will give it a more renaisance look. These are made from the gold chiffon that we’ll use for the skirt overlay. The poofs can be placed on the arm, over the costume, wherever desired. For this dance they will be positioned high, just under the armpit.

Getting the skirt overlay in position is a bit tricky. Today I sewed the back in place, lining up the side seems of the overlay with that of the existing skirt. We’ll tackle the front tomorrow!


skirt back

Today we attached the skirt overlay underneath the front bodice trim. Because of the gold trim, this had to be sewn by hand. Then the hard part — cutting the overlay to match the length of the existing skirt. We ended up coming up a bit in the front to show the ivory underneath. We sliced the front of the overlay from hem to bodice, taking out some of the fabric, so that it opens to reveal the ivory underneath. This should look very nice in the dance.

Now we have the problem of finishing the edges of the chiffon. I am really hoping that Fray Check will do the trick. Working on some scraps to see if it is going to work. Other options include a rolled hem or trimming with a matching ribbon.


Our first competition with this variation is on Sunday! I applied Fray-Check to the raw chiffon edges and we are now done! I’ll report back on how well the Fray-Check holds up.

Total cost fror this costume – $21.50

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