by Evann Duplantier

In the “Family Matters” column of the October 19, 2004 National Catholic Register, Tom and Caroline McDonald provided an insightful answer to a reader’s homeschooling question: “I have a deep desire to homeschool our children, but my husband is adamantly opposed to the idea. It is really causing stress in our marriage. How can we come to a resolution?”

The McDonalds replied: “Any homeschooler will attest that homeschooling is such an undertaking that you simply cannot attempt it without both parents being totally committed and united.”

The McDonalds then reminded readers that parents are still the primary educators of their children regardless of where they attend school. They presented a few ways that non-homeschoolers, and even homeschoolers, can be sure to pass the Catholic faith on to their children and form them both spiritually and morally. Here are their suggestions:

• Celebrate and live out the liturgical year in your home.

• Familiarize your children with good Catholic literature and art.

• Fill you home with articles of faith and sacramentals.

• Set aside a time for daily family prayer.

• And for the Dad reluctant to homeschool – resort to prayer.

Those of us blessed to have husbands who are willing to support us in our homeschool adventure should also resort to prayer – prayer of thanksgiving.

Blessing of a Father

Lord Jesus, our brother, we praise You for saving us.

Teach us to love You and Your Father by keeping Your commandments.

Bless + this father, and deepen his love for his wife and family.

By his work and example and prayer, may he lead his children to follow You.

Lord Jesus, hear our prayer as we offer You glory for ever and ever.


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