“May faith and readiness never be lacking in your hearts, if the Lord should bless you by calling a son or a daughter to missionary service. May you give thanks to God! Indeed, see that this call is prepared through family prayer, through education rich in spirit and enthusiasm, through participation in parochial and diocesan activities, through involvement in associations and volunteer work. “The family that cultivates a missionary spirit in its lifestyle and in education itself prepares good soil for the seed of the divine call and, at the same time, strengthens the loving ties and Christian virtues of its members.”

Pope John Paul II
To Parents: Facing up to the Vocations of Their Children, 1994

“What is the role of parents in encouraging vocations? The primary role is to provide an authentic witness to the importance of faith, prayer, and service to others. This includes teaching their children that all that one is and has comes from God, and that if we truly want to be happy, we will discover how God wants us to use the gifts we have received. Making their children aware of the nature of vocation, a ‘calling’ from God, is a crucial first step. After that, it is a matter of inviting, raising the question with their children whether God might be calling them to be a priest, sister, or brother. Indirectly, attitudes and comments regarding the Church, priests, religious women and men, either foster or weaken the image of such a life of service.”

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Secretariat for Vocations and Priestly Formation

“Young people will respond generously to a call to heroic virtue, prayer and the pursuit of perfection. And among those that do will come our future priests. . . .We need to lose our fear of calling young people to be saints.”

Msgr. Timothy M. Dolan, Auxiliary Bishop of St. Louis
Vocation talk to Archdiocesan priests, St. Louis, 2001

P R A Y E R – f o r – V O C A T I O N S
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

God, the source of creation and love, You invite each of us to serve you through
the life which is your gift.

May your grace encourage men and women to heights of holiness through service to the church’s priests, sisters, brothers, and lay ministers.

Make me an instrument to encourage others to give of themselves and challenge me to do the same.


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