Review: Truth & Life Dramatized Audio Bible

Truth & Life Dramatized Audio Bible
Falcon Picture Group, L.L.C. ©2010
ISBN 978-1-59171-325-8

Audio Bibles are nothing new, but the Truth & Life Dramatized Audio Bible is something special. Truth & Life includes a foreword by Pope Benedict XVI and bears the imprimatur of the Archbishop of New York. This 18-CD set is 22 hours long and features over 70 actors. Celebrity voices include Sean Astin, Neil McDonough,  Julia Ormand, Kristen Bell, Michael York, Malcolm McDowell, Stacy Keach, and John Rhy-Davies to name a few.

The well-chosen cast in this performance of the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition are not simply reading, they are acting. Raymond Arroyo, bestselling author and journalist, and one of four producers of Truth & Life, sums it up perfectly:

It’s the delivery . . . Reading or listening to Scripture being read is often a confusing, dull experience. . . . But performed like this, you are thrown into the middle of the action. The Bible is suddenly not only understandable, but arresting and compelling.

The presentation is very similar to a radio drama, complete with original music and realistic and subtle sound effects that draw the listener into the scene. It is easy to follow and easy to understand exactly who is saying what.

The manner in which the text of the Holy Scriptures is performed very much assists the listener in understanding more fully the meaning of the divinely inspired words within their context.

— Cardinal Raymond Burke, prefect of the Apostolic Signatura

For a busy, on-the-run culture, Truth & Life Dramatized Audio Bible breathes new life into the audio bible genre. In our technological age, there is now no excuse. The Word of God is completely accessible, anytime, anywhere. Pop in a cd at home or on the road. Before a recent flight, I loaded Matthew onto my ipod. This was a wonderful travel companion. Chapter lengths range from four to twelve minutes so it it easy to stop the audio and pick it up again later.

As a homeschooling mom, I look forward to listening to Truth & Life with my family. This outstanding audio collection makes a wonderful addition to any Catholic library.


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You can purchase this audio collection here.

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