Join the O+L+G feast day link up!

O+L+G feast day link upLet’s celebrate the December 12, 2010 Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in full force with a feast-day link up right here at Homeschool Goodies!

Share with us your ways of celebrating and preparing for this special feast whether it be crafts, recipes, favorite books or prayers. Perhaps you have a special relationship with Our Lady of Guadalupe — we would love to read about it.

Linking will begin December 6 and continue through December 15. This way we can share some ideas before the Feast Day and/or report on our celebrations after.

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  1. great idea. Count me definitely in ! grabbing your button.

  2. Oooooh, yay! You know I’ll be here!

  3. Wonderful idea Evann!! Being Mexican, I can’t miss this! I will post about it as well!

  4. Espero que mi humilde contribución llegue a sus corazones.

  5. Denise Wheaton

    Enjoy this song in Honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

    In Honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe
    (Melody – America the Beautiful)

    Upon the hill of Tepeyac
    Our Blessed Lady came.
    To Juan Diego she appeared
    And called to him by name.

    O Lady of the Americas
    Your portrait we revere.
    Enfold us in your loving arms,
    Our Queen and Mother dear.

    She bade Juan fill his tilma then
    With roses of Castille
    As sign for which the Bishop asked
    Her presence to reveal.

    And on the cloth she had impressed
    Her portrait bright and clear
    That all who see may be convinced
    That she is ever near.

    And Juan Diego’s picture, too,
    She kept within her eyes
    That future generations might
    Her knowledge realize.

    This proof of love she gave to us
    That we might never fear:
    Discouragement, anxiety,
    All flee when she is near.

    We thank You, Father and the Son
    And Holy Spirit, too,
    That You have sent Our Lady here
    To draw us close to you.

    O Lady of the Americas etc.

    By Anna C. Pertsch

  6. Fixing the house with Christmas decorations I’ve got a print of the Virgin of Guadalupe, my husband sent me over one year.The Virgin appears as the protector of unborn children. Waking up this morning the first thing that came to my mind was writing about the picture you got yesterday. The Catholic Family Blog Xhonane has asked us to publish a post about La Virgen de Guadalupe, too many things that I have made to write this post, so I sit at the keyboard and write. I do know that flash as I do a thousand things at once, and let the softy emotions pass before publishing. Well four days ago showed me a rosary to pray the Rosary for unborn children, had never seen it, I placed a link.
    Now I see the picture of the Virgin and then invite us to write about the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12 As you see my dear Jesus is leading me by the hand to where he wants.
    The picture is an invitation to spiritually adopt an unborn child and a specific prayer to pray daily for one year. Indicates that the child adopted by you alone can know God, but in the world to come and throughout eternity both you and your child, you will find happiness in each other’s company.
    I think this is what I am asked to do, promote spiritual adoption of an unborn child to pray for the life of that baby. With all my love to the Patroness of the Americas Our Lady of Guadalupe.
    I placed what appears on the back of the picture.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe
    Protector of unborn children.

    To promote respect for Venezuela
    human life from the time of
    design the invite to perform the
    Spiritual Adoption of an unborn child praying
    that baby’s life.

    “During his earthly life this child adopted
    for you will be known only to God, but
    the world to come and for eternity
    Therefore you, as the child find
    happiness in each other’s company. ”

    It is recommended that daily
    following sentence for a period of one year:
    Cover with your blanket to all babies
    have been conceived and unborn. Gives
    their fathers and their mothers the grace of
    received with immense love, and to each
    of us, grant us always do
    everything in our power to
    protect them from harm.
    We ask
    through Jesus your beloved Son
    blessed fruit of thy womb. Amen

  7. Stephanie Gilroy

    I am a teacher at a Catholic school and I will be sharing the book ‘The Lady of Guadalupe’ by Tomie De Paola with our class. I have already shared ‘The Legend of the Poinsettia’ and ‘The Night of Las Posadas’ with them by dePaola as well. Those are all great books for this season. 🙂

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