Homeschoolers hit the slopes

Yesterday, we attended a homeschool skiing field trip to Hidden Valley. The day started with beginner lessons and after a few check-out tests, skiers headed onto the larger slopes. Our group did suffer did have a few casualties: scrapes, bruises, and even a mild concussion, but Maxine and friends had a blast.


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  1. Oh! What a neat group! And it sounds like ya’ll had a lovely day, scrapes and all … Send some snow our way!

    • This was fake snow, all 47″ — the fog was real. But, I would much prefer you sent us some sun and warmth, Vee. I guess the grass is always greener — and the show is always whiter!!

  2. Fake snow??? Oh, goodness, that is funny. It still looks neat, though. LOL And we’ve not had sun and warmth for over a week now. We even had a tornado touch down in our city. Strange for us!

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