Links of the month: Happy New Year . . .

. . . liturgically speaking!

Get ready, advent is just one week away. Following and celebrating the liturgical year with your family will deepen your faith and bring you all closer to understanding the mystery of salvation.

liturgical calendar

Here are some year-round links:

My own Liturgical Year page has lots of handy links to guide you through the year.

Michele at The Family Centered Life has very nice printable liturgical calendars and an update with even more calendars. Choose from basic, detailed including feast days, or blank in two sizes.

Faith Filled Days in the Domestic Church is an excellent resource for celebrating the liturgical year with your family. This wonderful site focuses on extra activities to enrich the understanding and appreciation of The Church’s Feast Days.

“So that our families may grow in holiness in union with the Church,” visit Jenn at Family in Feast and Feria for Living the Liturgical Year at Home .

Paper Dali has an ever growing collection of saint paper dolls. These have become a fun part of our feast day celebrations.

And, just for Advent:

As always, Jenn at Family in Feast and Feria has some great ideas for celebrating Advent. Be sure to check out her salvation history/advent wreath and preparing the manger posts.

Charlotte at Waltzing Matilda gives detailed instructions on one way to hang an Advent wreath. Charlotte has inspired me, and I plan to suspend mine this year. Our wreath is rather large and we always find ourselves moving it around to make room for this, or that. This should solve that problem and give us a beautiful Advent focal point.

Vee, at Paper Dali,has some fantastic Jesse Tree ornaments for you to print, color, and cut. Simple and bold, very nicely done!

At Just another day of Catholic pondering, Sarah shares her thoughts on preparing for Advent.

jesse tree

Our plans for Advent:

I am going to suspend our Advent wreath in the library where we will light it before our nightly rosary.

Each morning, we will add an ornament to our Jesse tree, located in our school room. Each ornament has a short corresponding reading.

On a weekly basis I will assign books from our Advent/Christmas book basket.

We’ll slowly begin decorating the house for Christmas. The creches go up the first week, minus the baby Jesus. The tree goes up the last week, very close to Christmas Eve.

December 8 is the Immaculate Conception, holy day of obligation.

December 9 is the feast of St. Juan Diego. He’s our homeschool patron this year, so we will be celebrating from the 9th through the 12th! I have an Our Lady of Guadalupe cut ‘n color book by Illuminated Ink that I have been saving since our spring homeschool conference. That will be our fun craft for his feast day.

On December 12, the feast of Our Lady of Guadaulpe, we’ll head to Paper Dali for the complete Guadalupan cast of characters in paper dolls. A Mexican meal will complete our St. Juan Diego/Guadalupe celebrations.

For myself, I have ordered a Magnificat Advent Companion, which I do hope arrives in time!

Happy New Year, to all!

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  1. November 23, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    Hi Evann, and thanks for the links (to mine and to the others too)!

    Happy New Year to you too! 🙂

  2. November 23, 2009 at 12:42 pm

    Thank to you too, Sarah, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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