Steven Paul Chucknick— 9/11 tribute

This Project 2,996 tribute is written by my daughter, Isabel:

steven paul chucknick

09/08/1957 – 09/11/2001
Age: 44
From: Cliffwood Beach NJ
Company: Euro Brokers Inc. (84th floor, tower #2); Vice President of Communications and Facilities

Steven Paul Chucknick went to Highschool on Staten Island and entered the Navy at the age of 19. He served for 3 years aboard the USS Bigelow, specializing in electronics. He met his wife Barbara Dana while working at The World Trade Center in 1985. Steve and Barbara were married on Oct. 23 1987 and had a son, Steven one year later.

On Tuesday September 11, 2001, Steve was going into work for just a little while because he was on vacation that week. He planned to be home early because he would be taking his 12-year-old son Steven Jr. along with him. That morning, the alarm didn’t go off. Chucknick was running late so he decided not take little Steven along.

After the first plane hit the first tower (Steven worked in the second tower), Steven called his wife to tell her he was alright. In addition to floor fire marshall duty, Steven was on a walkie-talkie organizing employees for evacuation. 240 of Steven’s 300 co-workers escaped the building. His friends and family say that as long as there was someone else in that building, Steven would not have left. He was a true hero.

Barbara Chucknick writes to her husband often. Here are some quotes from her:

09/09/07 — “. . . I want you beside me, but I am so proud of you. That is part of who you are. Always thinking of others before yourself. I often said that, if angels walk this earth, then you were one and how blest I am to be your wife. Everyone knows that you would never have left that building if you knew that even one person was there. You are and always will be the only hero in my life.”

09/10/07 — “. . . You were supposed to be on vacation that week, but said you had to go in on Tuesday September 11th for just a little while and that you would be home early, because you were going to take Steven in with you. We sat down, and you laid your head on my lap. I remember how silky your hair felt. We talked for a while, then you went to bed. The alarm didn’t go off in the morning and you were running late so you didn’t take Steven. I can remember him following you and you said ‘Don’t worry I promise I’ll be home early. . .'”

08/07/09 — “My Beloved Husband,

Here we are again, with another anniversary coming up, and, yes, I still miss you like crazy. As always, I will be down at the water, where I can see Manhattan, and I will send my heart across to where you left me eight years ago. I miss you so very much.

My heart to only yours forever,
Your wife forever, Barbara”

08/30/09 — “. . . Sometimes I still feel that so many have forgotten the horrible day of 9/11. As I have said in the past . . . maybe for some it is easier to make believe that it never happened. I, for one, will never forget because mine and Steven’s lives have never been the same since. We miss you with all our hearts and always will . . .”

This Friday, say a prayer for all those who were killed this tragic day 8 years ago. We have not forgotten.

– This tribute is part of Project 2,996.

9-11-2010 update: I found this interesting post today about Stephen P Chucknick.

9-11-2013 update: In spring 2013, Isabel was in New York City for a Rockettes audition. In her free time she visited the 9-11 Memorial. She had no trouble finding Steve Chucknick’s name on the memorial wall. We will never forget!


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  1. Many of us have not forgotten 9/11. We continue to pray for the repose of the souls who died that day and for the families and friends left behind who need consolation.

    We also pray for first responders everywhere and for those tasked to defend abroad and at home.

    Thank you for your amazing hard work on Project 2,996.

  2. Barbara Chucknick

    I stumbled across this site quite by accident. I never knew it existed. Isabel…Thank you..Thank you for helping to keep my husband and all who were lost alive and not forgotten. I guess you know and understand what Steve meant to me. I miss his more and more as time goes on but I hold him safe in my heart and will forever. I was sitting here thinking of Steve and I always do and something brought me to this site..I still don’t know how I found it. I now would like to think that he sees that I am having trouble recovering from this anniversary and wanted me to know that people still do care. Thank you. Thank you so much for being one of those people. Maybe God watch over you and you family and keep you safe from harm..
    I am very grateful to have found what you wrote
    Mrs. Barbara Chucknick!!!

  3. It is especially at this time of the year I think about my brother-in-law Steve abd specd a little more time than usual looking for remembrances. To see that after these 9 years people still make a conscious effort to keep their memory fresh in the minds of all is heartwarming, especially to their families.

    Know that while he remains in your prayers, along with others lost, your remain in ours. Most of all, is the prayer that someday such acts will come to an end and nowhere on earth will this kind of destruction and hate ever occur again.

  4. Barbara Chucknick

    Dear Isabel,
    Its now the end of September and as always I find it hard to recover from the anniversary. Again I came across your tribute to my Steve, and again you made me smile. Smile because I know that you are one of many who has not forgotten. Even if you never post on here again, I will always remember the comfort you gave me when you posted this tribute. I hope you are your family are all alright and may you be blessed with love and peace…
    Barbara Chucknick proud wife of Steven P Chucknick

  5. Dear Barbara,
    This is Evann, Isabel’s mom. I am so glad you still make your way here to Isabel’s tribute to Steve. Please know that there are many, many who will never forget. I am glad we could give you a smile. Keep smiling, Barbara, and we will keep praying.

  6. Barbara Chucknick

    Dear Evann,
    Thank you for having such a lovely daughter, and thank you for also remembering Steve and all the others who were lost on 9/11. It is wonderful people like Isabel and you who keep their memories alive. I can’t believe that this will be the 10th Anniversary this year. I still feel as though it was just yesterday. I think of him everyday and wish he was here with me and my son. Something made me come to this site again today and I am happy that I did. I now can say thank you for making a difference in mine and my sons life by remembering my husband…My prayers are with your family as well!!

  7. I am always glad to hear from you, Barbara. Be strong and keep smiling. I know that’s what Steve would want. Thank you for your prayers and know that you, your son, and Steve, are always in mine.

  8. Barbara Chucknick

    I am glad that I checked back here tonight and saw your post. We have been getting quite a bit of snow here this year and I love snow….Today Jan 28th was my Birthday and my son Steven looked at me and smiled just like my husband did and said to me ” Mom this is a gift from Dad this year”. I smiled because this also happened back in 2003 when we had the blizzard. I lost one of our Dogs this Christmas. The one that my Husband loved and I loved so much.. His name was Citrus and we helped him with his cancer fight from May of this year until Dec. I always ask Steve to please send me a sign that Citrus is with him because I was heartbroken yet again….I think Steven is correct….This snow is Steve telling me that Citrus is now with him and he is ok again!!!….Please tell Isabel that my son and I say hi to her!!!!…God Bless

  9. Hello, Barbara! I hope you weathered Irene well. As a New Orleanian I know how hurricanes can be. So very unpredictable. My thoughts and prayers are with you as we approach the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

  10. Barbara,
    You may not even remember me, its me Steph, Trish’s daughter. I can promise you that NO ONE has ever forgotten Uncle Steve. I ride motorcycles with a Veterans group and I make sure they know who they are riding in rememberence of. I give them a name, so that he can be honored and not forgotten. He has family that remembers him with nothing but love and kindness and he is sorely missed.

  11. george goldie

    today, i rode in rememberance of a shipmate from the uss bigelow dd942, steve and i served aboard this ship during the same period from mayport to boston yard period, still remember him, always will, i ride, i remember, i tell, because i can. my youngest son is serving in the army and currently on patrol in the hills of afganistan, i have told him of steve and his sacrifice before he deployed , he only wants to do “something”
    instead of doing “nothing” its why he joined.

  12. Joe Moschella

    Steve and I were good friends and classmates for 10 yrs. at P.S.41andEgbert J.H.S. We used to play basketball together as we were both tall and lanky. The last time I was with Steve was in 1976,at the ‘King’s Row’ in Staten Island, where we spent the night toasting Steve’s entry into the Navy which was the following day. FROM GRADE 1-9 we were in the same class together. Steve was such a good-natured and kind individual and I never heard him say a bad word about another person. I am so glad,so very happy that Steve found love and has a wonderful family. I know my friend resides peacefully in God’s heaven!

  13. Thank you, Stephanie, George, and Joe! Your memories add so much to this tribute. Thank you for sharing and remembering.

  14. Barbara Chucknick

    Hello Evann and Isabel…Evann..Someone was watching over us, because we were very blessed here during Irene. All around us lost power for days and had trees come down. We lost power for 4 minutes only. I have a Grotto in our yard dedicated to the Blessed Mother. She and Steve have the same birthday of Sept 8th. I lit candles near her. Some tree branches came down, none of them large right near the Grotto, but thankfully none hit it. I know that my Steve was with us as well. How else can you explain that just across the road from us power was out for almost a week.
    I hope you see that thanks to your incredible daughter, so many people are starting to find this site and post their feelings….Steve and all of those lost need to be remembered. I thank my sister Anne for posting. I know she misses Steve very much. And I would like to say to Stephanie, thank you for remembering and to George Goldie a very big thank you. I wish that I could hear stories of Steve on the Bigelow. I know how proud he was to serve and one of the last photos that I took of Steve which is the one Isabel used shows that he still wore his ships name proudly. He was at the reunion that year and was so happy to have been there…..And to Joe who I saw posted on the Legacy site thank you again for including your e-mail. Because of you I am now able to save stories for my son of when Steve was young and you went to school together. You are all so very wonderful and my son and I as well as my family are extremely grateful. God Bless all of you and keep you safe from harm. And Isabel and Evann I will never forget either of you!!!!
    Barbara Chucknick

  15. Alan McClintock

    First of all, I can’t possibly imagine what you and your family went through. But I hope you find peace.
    Secondly, I was looking around 9-11 sites and happen to see this one and saw that Steven was on the Bigelow! So was I! From 77-79! I’m not sure if I remember him or not…We would’ve worked in different departments (I was a Gunner’s Mate), but I’m sure, since it wasn’t a very big ship (about 300 people) I would’ve known him by sight, anyway.
    But, I can’t tell from his pic.
    Do you know what his rate was? Was he an Electronics Tech or and Electrician’s Mate?
    Do you have any photos of him on the Bigelow?
    Don’t go to any trouble, or anything, please.

    It’s been nice meeting you. And again, peace to you and your family-

  16. John Liguori

    Barbara and family, I was watching the tribute the other day waiting for a friend’s name when I saw Steve’s name come up a couple of names before. I am sorry for your loss. Steve was a coworker of mine for a short time back in 1987 in the communications department of Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette. He was a nice guy from what I remember.

  17. It is so wonderful that so many from Steve’s past are finding ways to connect and make yourselves known. He truly is a person worth your memories. From what we’ve heard of his past you would all be happy to know that he remained the same good hearted , selfless person until the very end. Barbara shares your comments with me often and we are so grateful for your willingness to share. Prayers go out for all the turmoil of these days to end and that no more tears have to be shed for the good who have left us way too soon.

  18. Barbara Chucknick

    John….its very odd that when I saw your name come up, I said to myself that your name looked familiar…Then I read your post, and I guess there was a time when Steve may have mentioned your name. Yes Steve worked for Kevin Glover at DLJ and in fact I am still in contact with Doug Lang. He and Steve were very close friends. Thank you for remembering Steve it means a lot to my son and me!!!
    Regards Barbara Chucknick

  19. Barbara Chucknick

    Thank you for posting a tribute to my husband. Yes as you can see from the photo above, Steve was very proud to be in the Navy and on the Bigelow.. He was in the Navy from 1976 through 1982. I still have his lighter with the Bigelow on it and his Navy Jacket etc. I believe that Steve was an Electronics Tech…that is why he was so good in Communications etc. Steve was I believe just turning 19 when he entered the Navy. I didn’t meet Steve until 1985 and being he was never one to talk about himself, I don’t know much about his Navy years. I do have photo’s, and he had a lot of memorabilia which I still have. Another one of his shipmates contacted me last year through the 9/11 memorial site or Legacy. I don’t remember his name off hand, but apparently he knew Steve from the Bigelow. Steve had gone to the Bigelow reunion I believe in North Carolina…or it could have been south again I can’t remember in the summer of 2001 He was so happy and talking about going again….Unfortunately, he never got the opportunity. Thank you for posting, it means so much to my son Steven and me
    Take care
    Barbara Chucknick

  20. Barbara Chucknick

    Dear Evann and Isabel,
    This is just to let you know that Steven and I have been thinking of you since this years Anniversary so I just wanted to visit this site again!!!….I hope all is well with the both of you and your whole family…
    God Bless
    Barbara and Steven Chucknick

  21. Alan McClintock

    Thanks for responding, Barbara.
    If he was an ET, then it would make sense that I’d rarely see him, except on the mess decks. The ET’s kind of lived in their own little world up there. Radiomen, too. They had their own thing going on, being in the Operations part of the ship.
    I interacted mostly with others in my division, or with those related to my division.
    And other things come into play: Where you bunk, the proximatey of your work spaces, etc.
    Anyway, his name rings a faint bell somewhere in the back of my mind.
    Small world, huh?
    Once again, peace to you and your family and, of course, to Steven’s memory in you all.

  22. Barbara Chucknick

    Aan….When I have time I will look everything up and give you more details. Its nice to hear from someone who knew Steve either in the Navy or School…When I send you the info I will put it on here so please check from time to time
    Barbara Chucknick

  23. Barbara Chucknick

    Evann and Isabel!!!!
    Thank you so much for remembering again!!!…God bless and keep you and your family safe from harm

  24. Barbara Chucknick

    It is now 13 years later…and my heart remains broken… Im trapped in time and can’t seem to move on….Steve…You are my forever love. Please know that you will forever hold my heart, because you are my heart!!!….I love you so very very much….
    Your wife Barbara

    • So glad you came to visit, Barbara. I wish there was something I could write to lift your spirits, but I can not imagine what you go through at this time. I hope you and Steven have had a good year. Isabel is expecting her first baby any day now. My first grandchild! We don’t know whether it is a boy or girl, so I am waiting impatiently to be surprised. Know that you and your family are in my prayers.
      — Evann

  25. Barbara Chucknick

    Evann…hi its Barbara…i havent been on the sites for a while because we were going through some things..i see from the above post that you now have a grandchild.. was it a boy?? That would ve my first guess…but if its a girl….im sure shes beautiful abd you must be in yr glory…im so happy for all of you..God now we are approaching 18 years…i still cant wrap my head around it…i wish all of you happiness and Gods blessings!!!

    • Hello, Barbara! So glad to hear from you. You made me realize I had some updating to do to my website. Since I am no longer homeschooling I don’t post much. We now have 3 grandsons – all three from Isabel and her husband. They are ages 4 (almost 5), 2 1/2, and 8 months. I hope things are gong better with you and that God continues to comfort and bless you and your son. We will never understand the events of 9-11, but we will also never forget. Love & prayers, Evann.

  26. I never knew Steve but I know how special he was. I had the pleasure of getting to know Barbara, his devoted wife, after reading some of her posts and contacting her. She is so lovely. Barbara if you read this please know I still think of your family all the time. I know how hard it still is for you and your son. I respect you so much and hope you’re doing well. Much love to you and thank Isabelle for this site. We will never forget any of your lives!

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