It’s been a while since I worked on any dance costumes, but I’m back. My youngest daughter, Audrey, will be dancing her first pointe solo this year. She has chosen the Golden Vine Variation from Sleeping Beauty. It is sometimes referred to as the pointer fairy.

We will embellish a white bodice and white tutu for this costume. We already had a white matte satin bodice from Curtain Call. Since our other tutu has seen better days, I am looking at the 9-layer Sansha tutu, but still have not decided or ordered yet.

Today I ordered two large beautiful gold vine-like venice lace appliqués from Ebay. I see it going up the bodice and another down and across the tutu.

Total cost so far — $5


I ordered the Sansha 9-layer tutu (Carlotta DF-004) and for $49.99 it has exceeded our expectations. Although is arrived pretty crunched, a few days under a futon, followed by careful ironing, has really brought it to life. It came with the layers untagged and puffy. Using a tag gun, I tagged the layers to each other we now have a very nice, stiff, pancake tutu to use as our base.

Total cost so far — $59.98


I am attempting something out of the ordinary. Because the basque of our pull-on tutu does not come up high enough on my dancer’s waist, I am making another basque which I will sew to the bodice and then secure to the tutu. It’s a cheat, but will hopefully accomplish what we want.

First step was to make a basque pattern. Since each dancer is shaped a bit differently this is a custom creation. I found details on how to create the basque pattern at Project Cyan.


Our pattern is done and I am now ready to cut out fabric.

Didn’t quite have enough material on hand for the basque so a trip to the fabric store was required. Grabbed half a yard of white matte satin for $6.47. I cut the basque and lining and then sewed them together with piping on the edge that will meet the tutu.


Total cost so far — $66.45

It’s been slow going but now it’s time to get this tutu done. I sewed the faux basque to the tutu by hand using the piping to get a nice sturdy attachment.


I’m working on the basque hooks using white cotton hook and eye loop tape. Another fitting with my dancer is needed to finish up the basque.


I have successfully attached the bodice to the basque! Also added a bit of leafy trim, leftover from a recent wedding, to the top of the bodice. It’s finally time to move on to the gold vine embellishments.




Unfortunately, those gold vines weren’t really doing what I wanted so I found these appliqués at the Mary, not Martha Etsy shop. I ordered three matching pairs for $21.75. They are absolutely beautiful! Since I will not be using the original gold appliqués, I am deducting $5 from my total cost. I will resell them or use them on another project. I’m really cutting it close with this tutu. Solo photos are in five days. Yikes!


Total cost so far — $83.20

Here is the arrangement of the appliqués on the tutu. I thinned the look of it a bit by removing random leaves. Gives it a more delicate look.


Someone approves!


Finished for a grand total of $83.20. I’ll post pictures of my dancer and the tutu in action as soon as I can.


Her first solo competition!



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