Our 2013 St. Joseph Altar

This post is part of the 4th Annual St. Joseph Altar Blog Fest. If you made an Altar for St. Joseph’s Feast Day, and would like to be included, make a blog post about your St. Joseph Altar, including details and pics, then link it here. Linking is open and will continue till April 3. Head over to the Virtual St. Joseph Altar blog for all the details!


Each year,we use our upright piano for the highest level of our Altar. The second level is made with a height-adjustable small school table. One of our large school tables is used for the front of the Altar.

Here’s the base of our Altar:


Cover everything with a couple of nice table cloths and runners and we’ve got a nice-sized three-level altar:


Lots more work to do. Added table cloths underneath to hide table legs and switched out family photo for a lovely mirror my son gave me one year for Christmas. Photos of deceased loved ones, religious statues, candles, bread crumbs, fava beans, cakes, cookies, citrus, flowers, and bread in symbolic shapes complete our Altar.


Here are some details:

Viva San Giuseppe! 

Be sure to visit the Virtual St. Joseph Altar today!

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  1. What a gorgeous St. Joseph’s table, Evann!

  2. impressive! i hope to join up this year.

  3. Looks terrific! We’re in the middle of putting ours together and I had to check in and see that I was remembering everything. 🙂

  4. Thank you ladies! Would love to see you Altars. Hope you will consider joining the Altar blog fest!

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