I am leading a small Book Club at our Homeschool Co-op this year. There are five girls in the class, ranging from 2nd to 6th grade, and we meet every other week. For our first book we chose Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This was an easy and fun read for the girls. By our first meeting most of them were on the 3rd book in the Little House series. Kids excited to read! Goal accomplished!!!

So, here is a rough breakdown of what we did for our Little House meetings.

First  meeting:

  • We discussed favorite characters and why they were favorites.
  • We  touched on historical accuracy and how the Little House books give us such an intimate and detailed look at pioneer life.
  • We had a bit of fun filling out a Little House crossword puzzle.
  • We talked about quilts and how they were used not only for keeping warm, but also for protecting cherished items on long moves across country.
  • Using a printed outline of a nine-patch, the girls cut out “patches” from various magazines and created their own nine-patch.
  • We the decorated a bulletin board in our classroom with our quilt blocks and an image of the book.
  • Assignment for our second meeting was to finish the book and make some type of craft item related to the book and bring it to our next meeting. This could be crafts, food, etc.

Second meeting:

  • Each girl was given 5 consecutive chapters to tell aloud in their own words.
  • We talked randomly about favorite parts of the book. Girls are very good at random talking!
  • Then we shared our projects. We had quite an assortment: a little cutout of Jack the family dog, homemade sugar cookies, homemade jam, a mini report on a visit to the Ingall’s home, and a 3-D paper model of a pioneer town.

Our next read is any Nancy Drew book. I think each girl is reading a different book. Should be fun!


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