by Evann Duplantier

As Catholic homeschoolers, we take every opportunity that presents itself to introduce the saints to our children. But, if you really want to get to know a saint, try spending an entire year with him. We call our homeschool All Saints Academy, and we choose a different patron saint each year. We start the school year by placing a picture of our saint in a prominent place in the schoolroom. Each family member gets the saint’s holy card and medal. We use books, videos, coloring books, and crafts to get to know our new saint, and make a note of their important feast days, prayers, and novenas. We turn everything over to our chosen patron and petition him daily to watch over us and guide us through another homeschool year.

2013-2016 Saint Bernadette
2012-2013 Venerable Fr. Michael J. McGivney
2011-2012 Saint Louis King of France
2010-2011 Blessed Rosalie Rendu
2009-2010 Saint Juan Diego
2008-2009 Saint Louise de Marillac
2007-2008 Blessed Frederick Ozanam
2006-2007 Saint Vincent de Paul
2005-2006 Saint Rose of Lima
2004-2005 Saint Jude
2003-2004 Our Lady of Guadalupe
2002-2003 Saint Joseph
2001-2002 Saint Francis of Assisi
2000-2001 Saint Joan of Arc
1999-2000 Saint Philomena
1998-1999 Saint Benedict
1997-1998 Saint Ignatius Loyola
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