Manners matter

I found a great article this morning at Cerc: Teach Manners by Thomas Lickona

Manners are minor morals. They are the everyday ways we respect other people and facilitate social relations. They make up the moral fabric of our shared lives. They need to be taught.

I especially liked the alphabet manners:

A — Accept a compliment graciously.

B — Be on time.

C — Clean your hands.

D — Do chew with your mouth closed.

E — Elbows off the table.

F — Friendliness to others.

G — Good grooming shows self-respect.

H — Hang up your clothes.

I — Interrupt only for a very important reason.

J — Join in and include everybody.

K — Kindness to all living things.

L — Lend a helping hand.

M — Magic words: “Please” and “Thank you.”

N — Never point or laugh at others.

O — Obey the rules.

P — Pleasant tone of voice is a plus.

Q — Quiet when others are working or sleeping.

R — Remember others on special occasions.

S — Sit up straight.

T — Thank the host or hostess.

U — Use your beautiful smile.

V — Visit a friend who is lonely or sick.

W — Watch out for little ones.

X — “X” out bad habits.

Y — Yawn if you must but cover your mouth.

Z — Zip your zipper.

Be sure to check out the Manners of the Heart home curriculum. It’s the polite thing to do!

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  1. I use this Manners Matter at my child care and the kids LOVE IT!!

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