by Laurie Gill

Probably one of the most common questions I am asked about Catholic homeschooling curricula concerns preschool. I never knew of anything worth recommending, in part because we did not emphasize preschool in my home. However, one summer I began to feel that my little ones were not getting as much attention as they needed, so I purchased a Little Saints Preschool curriculum at a conference. I used it last year with my three and five-year old sons and this year I am repeating it with my sons ages two and four.

Little Saints Preschool is arranged into 40 weeks of lessons, roughly correlated to the natural and liturgical calendar. Each week has a theme and three days’ worth of lessons including music, poetry, story books, a Scripture verse, circle games and rhymes, learning games, and art projects. Patterns are included for the games and projects.

The biggest drawback of the program is that preparing takes lots and lots of time. I spent months in the summer of 1999 making the learning games and preparing the art projects. And even with all that work done, there is still a lot of gathering up to be done for each week’s work. I started by putting everything that would be needed all year in a huge Rubbermaid tub. Every weekend, I fish through the tub to find the materials for the coming week, which I store in a smaller container.

The children have loved it, and they are so proud to show their father what they have done. I highly recommend this program.

Little Saints Preschool by Cynthia Blum, P.O. Box 19356, Asheville, NC 28805.

Laurie Gill is a professional writer and mother of six.

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