Max is dancing a contemporary pointe solo to Norteña del Sur by Bostich & Fussible. The piece has been choreographed by Donna Patzius-Hill, private coach/instructor at Patzius Performing Arts and artistic director of Midwest Ballet Theatre.

The song is playful and energetic. We have a simple, short black dance dress with an angled hemline that we are considering. Oh, and there’s a hat. More to come!

A very late update to this costume post!

We settled on a costume that my oldest daughter used for a group tap dance many years ago. It’s an all-in-one halter with a sheer neckline area and a little bit of sparkle. The shorts added to the playfullness of the dance. The hat was a black bowler we already had. So, this costume ended up costing absolutely nothing!

Here’s a shot from recital:

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