Many people today are searching for clear and reliable answers to a myriad of questions about religion. Catholic Replies and the newly released Catholic Replies 2 offer hundreds of quotations from the Bible, the Catechism, and other authoritative Church documents in providing sound answers to more than 1,600 questions on religious issues.

Topics covered in the two books range from Adam and Eve and the antichrist to angels and annulments, from celibacy and Confession to cremation and the death penalty, from evolution and “holy laughter” to homosexuality and Inquisitions, from millennialism and Mormons to Muslims and Nostradamus, from predestination and Pope Pius XII to the Rapture and reincarnation, from salvation and the third secret of Fatima to stem cell research and women priests.

Whatever the subject, the answers are characterized by clarity, careful research, solid documentation, and sound pastoral advice, and are always faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. A comprehensive index is provided at the end of each book.

Author and publisher James J. Drummey is the father of 11. He has been involved in the field of religious education for more than 30 years and is editor of “Catholic Replies,” the highly acclaimed weekly question-and-answer newspaper column on religious topics.

Also published by Drummey’s C.R. Publications is the popular four-volume Catholicism Series, which is being widely used in Catholic homeschools, as well as in Catholic parishes, high schools, colleges, and adult education programs.

Catholic Replies and Catholic Replies 2 are excellent resources for Catholic homeschoolers. They also serve as excellent companions to the highschool Catholicism Series. All C.R. Publications titles are in full conformity with the Catechism and place strong emphasis on doctrine and faithful adherence to the teaching authority of the Church

By familiarizing yourself with the contents of Catholic Replies and Catholic Replies 2 you will not only strengthen your own faith, but you will be better able to effectively explain and defend Catholic beliefs in a society that is increasingly hostile to the truth.

Catholic Replies, 1995,463 pages, $17.95. Catholic Replies 2, 2003, 480 pages, $21.95. Available from C.R. Publications, or call 877-8877.

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