Woodland Glade Fairy

The Woodland Glade Fairy is one of the fairies in Sleeping Beauty. For this costume we simply embellished a white platter tutu and bodice we had purchased the previous year for the Cygnets variation.

Cygnets………..to…………Woodland Glade Fairy

cygnet cygnet


Afer removing the white feathers we had added for Cygnets, we began making a plate for the tutu top. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds as this tutu had a stretchy basque. The plate must lie flat when on the dancer. We found a white organza with gold swirls for the plate. $15, eBay.

I purchased a “fine fabric” tag gun to secure the outer edges of the plat to the tutu. This was only $12, but did not include it in my final cost.

So as not to weigh down the tutu, a very light weight white leaf trim was added to the outer edge of the plate. $5, joggles.com


Then, white venice lace leaf sections were added to the plate where it meets the basque at the hips. These appliques had pearls and sequins on them. $20, ebay.

The plate was done.

To the bodice we added mirror image gold leaf appliques. These really picked up the gold swirls on the tutu. $20, eBay


Using the same venice lace leaf sections that we added to the tutu plate, we made armbands.


Lastly, was the search for a tiara. This went on for quite a while and we even entertained the idea of making our own. Finally we found the perfect tiara on eBay, only $20!

This was last year’s project so it is tougher to remember costs, but this is pretty close:
Total cost: $80


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  1. Hi,

    I think that the costumes you made are really gorgeous and inspired to make a ballet costume for my daughter. tha costume is of the white swan from swan Lake. can you please tell me how you made the cygnets costume? Do you have any tips for me


  2. Our cygnets costume was a purchased platter tutu and bodice. We embellished the bodice front with white feathers. Feathers were glued onto a piece of netting that was cut to fit down the front of the bodice. The netting, with feathers, was then sewn on. The headpiece was purchased. Hope this helps! Good luck and have fun!

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