Annual day of celebration for Dr. Fred Duhart

March 24, 2020 UPDATE:

Not sure what the status of this celebration is, but while in coronavirus “stay home” mode, I did some organizing and found the program from Dr. Duhart’s funeral service. For those who still love and appreciate him, here is a PDF.

This email came this morning:

Please Join Us For the

1st Annual Day of Celebration

In Honor of Dr. Freddie R. Duhart, D.O.
Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon

Sunday March 28, 2010
3 pm

UMSL Alumni Center
7956 Natural Bridge Road, Belnor, Mo.
(situated across from the main UMSL entrance)

Special Guests:
Charles Dooley, St. Louis County Executive
and other honorary guests

Hosted by: Local Citizens

Come and learn about a local world icon and why St. Louis City and County has formerly declared an annual day of celebration in tribute to Dr. Freddie Duhart.

Welcome to a fun, informative and memorable event. Be the first to reserve your space today.

Must RSVP by Sunday March 21, 2010. RSVP must be confirmed to attend. Call 314-458-0608 for more info. Space is limited. Refreshments served.

Dr. Duhart was our family doctor for 13 years and delivered the last two of my six children at home. He passed away, very suddenly, 1 year ago this week. It is good to see he is still remembered so fondly. He certainly was, and still is, a very large part of my family’s life.

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  1. I’d like to pass this on to others in the birth community- how did you find this invitation?
    So lucky I googled him today- knew that it’s been almost a year, and thinking of him on this beautiful day.

    • Hi Nancy! The invite was emailed to me and it said to spread the word, so I did. Feel free to pass it on. It is wonderful that so many people remember him so fondly. We miss him!

  2. Hi Evann,

    My family also remembers Dr. Duhart fondly, and I was hoping that some of us might attend the event, but when I called the number in the email, I got a recording that didn’t sound right at all.

    Can you get any more information?


  3. Mary Curtright-McClain

    I just now found out about this. But if they have this again next year I would like to come. Mary Curtright-McClain RN

  4. Dr. Joy Harris

    Please e-mail me if you have this again in 2011. I will try and fly in from Tampa. Dr. Duhart was my family doctor for many years and delivered my first three daughters. I think of him fondly and often.

  5. Marlys Brown

    Please add me to the list. I just found this as I am trying to find a doctor, looking for conversations that refer to Dr. Duhart and hoping I can find suggestions. Also I am a area Jazz Vocalist…if this event ever gets big enough to need/desire entertainment of any kind…I offer my services… I am still not recovered from Dr. Duhart’s death…It’s so hard to believe. Maybe it was because I didn’t know about it until a few months after his funeral. A neighbor who was also his patient came by and told me and apologized for getting too caught up to tell me intime to attend… I was devistated. She brought me an obituary…so I do have that. He was the BEST…and it’s been eight years since I been to a doctor…I need to find one comparable in some way to Dr. Duhart. He delivered my two youngest children and any scare, problem question I personally had, my husband had…he was the guy I turned to…NO ONE ELSE. He got me…understood me…he laughed at me (lol) a lot but I know he was really laughing with me and that he understood! I can still hear his accent…even thou he never thought his voice had a unique ring to it…it did. I LOVE that man! If anyone has any referrals please let me know. I know there’s only One Fred Duhart thou… I will never forget him and everytime I look at my babies…my beautiful little lifes he delivered to me…I will always remember!

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