Our Lenten Lapbooks

lenten lapbooks

Our Lenten Lapbooks are ready to go. All they need now is some personalization by their owners. The focal point of the lapbook is Catholic Icicng’s printable Lenten calendar for children. We will color each day as we proceed through Lent.

lenten lapbooks lenten lapbooks

On the left panel I included a pocket-sized Stations of the Cross. These accordion-fold booklets are available in black and white or full color. 

2011 UPDATE: The pocket-size Stations above are no longer available. Family at Feast and Feria has some lovely printable stations! These can easily be used instead.

On the right panel are guidelines and days for fasting and abstaining, and a Lenten “plus” & “minus” list to be filled in by the child. There is one space open on the left panel which we might use for holy cards or prayers.

The kids really seem to like their lapbooks. So onward into Lent we go!

lenten lapbooks

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  1. Great job! Thank you for sharing your Lenten lapbook. ((hugs))

  2. These look great! Where did you find your cover art?

  3. Fabulous idea I am printing it and we will be making ours today,better late than never.

  4. Dear Evann,
    I am sure I have been here before.
    The great ideas sound familiar.
    Thanks for the sharing this with us.
    God Bless

  5. Amelia

    this is so cool!

  6. angela

    What did you use for the books? are they large folders, construction paper?

    • Regular size file folders. Office Depot had multi packs with purple, green, pink, blue, and brown folders. We’ve used all the other colors for lots of other lapbook projects.

  7. Sarah D

    Where did you find the little booklets on the right? I LOVE this idea, and am planning on doing this with my kiddos. They are still young, but never too young for learning about our Faith!

    • Well, this time last year I got them at the link above. Looks like they are no longer being offered.

  8. Sarah D

    Thanks! I actually found the Stations book somewhere else, but what about the Pray, Alms, Fast booklet and +/- booklet?

    Thanks & God Bless!

  9. Evann!!! I’m loving the lapbook!! What a great way to combine these resources…we’re going to start on ours tomorrow! Thanks!

  10. I love this…but I’m having trouble with the link for the pocket-sized stations of the cross! At any rate, thank you for all the wonderful ideas you’ve shared!

    • Thank you, Katie. Unfortunately, the pocket-size Stations are no longer available. If, and when, they do become available I will be sure to post the link here.

  11. angela

    Check on catholicicing.com for the pocket size stations of the cross.

    • Family at Feast and Feria has some lovely printable stations! These, however, are not the pocket size ones used in this lapbook, although they could easily be used instead. The original pocket size printable is no longer available.

  12. I was able to find the pocket size Stations of the Cross, but I’m wondering how to put them together, continuously, for our lap books. Could you explain? Thank you!

    • I’m not sure you have the exact Stations that are shown here as they are no longer available. For these, I printed them, I think they came on 2 sheets, and glued them together with a glue stick. Then I trimed and folded accordian style. The double layer makes it a bit sturdier. Hope that helps!

  13. I figured out to do them back to back, but it was how to make them all one piece. It seems to me that you’d have two accordians. Or did you print them on 11 X 17 paper? I guess I could tape the two strips together.

    • The way they printed for me left me with a bit of excess on one end. I used that extra paper to overlap and glue the two strips together. Tape would work too. Good luck!

  14. Thank you! Tomorrow is Lent and we are going to do these today in preparation for Lent! Thank you for sharing this with everyone!

  15. You are welcome, Janice! Have a Holy Lent.

  16. I am so using this idea. It is such an inviting activity for the kids about our Lenten journey. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Any chance you have a copy of the Abstinence/Fasting booklet? And the plus/minus list?


  18. Sorry, Sarah. I made those myself for the kids last year and didn’t bother keeping once printed.

  19. Cindy Coleman

    Has anyone found that circular coloring page of Christ on the cross again? I had it, made copies for my religious education class and now I need more copies but have had no success finding it again. Just spent a useless hour looking and looking with no luck. It was just a month ago that I found it, so I am thinking it is still out there somewhere.

  20. Froncie Clubb

    Did anyone ever find the circular crucifixion picture? I too am looking for it. Thanks

  21. I just did a quick google search for crucifixion clip art: http://revtucher.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/good-friday1.jpg

  22. Froncie Clubb

    I finally found it too, but thank you. Now I have to figure out how to print it so the whole page comes out. Thanks again…excited to do this lap book with my third graders!

  23. Love the images you used! Thank you for sharing them!

  24. Dear Evann, thank you for your lapbook and a lot of compliments. I find this vignettes: http://catholicfamilyvignettes.com/tag/pocket-sized-stations-of-the-cross/ Are your vignettes? I’ll try to do an easter lapbook. I’ll publish it on my blog: giocoimparocongesu.altervista.org You’ll see it??? Happy new year! Sorry for my english, I’m italian…

    • Yes! Those are the Stations of the Cross vignettes that I used to make the little booklets. I would love to see your lap book when finished. Happy New Year and I hope you will visit again!

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