Some very crafty ladies

Over that past few months I’ve come across several blogs that are incredibly crafty. Some are specifically classroom oriented, while others are just for when that creative mood hits you. Check them out. If you’re not in a creative mood now, I know you will be after you visit these blogs:


  • My all-time favorite crafty site is Paper Dali. Vee offers beautiful free historical paper dolls and she’s full of crafty ideas. No Saint’s feast day is complete until you include one of Vee’s saint paper dolls in your celebration.
  • Once you have a solid foundation for your Catholic cake, why not add some icing? Catholic Icing is the place to find really cool Catholic arts and crafts, fun food, feast day celebration ideas, and more.
  • I blog, therefore I am has oodles of creative teaching tools including: activities, classroom tips, lesson plans, crafts, games, puzzles, worksheets, etc. for all ages.
  • Visit Sweet Tidings for your daily dose of handmade. You’ll find crafts, recipes, and lots of inspiration.
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  1. Thank you for the kinds words about my blog. I hope others find it useful. 🙂

  2. Ah more crafty blogs to check out –thanks Evann!

  3. Awwww. I’m blushing (virtually). ♥ Thanks, Evann! Such kind words make me want to pick up my colored pencils and sharpies and draw some more! Time to check out my liturgical calendar and see who’s up next.

    I’m a big fan of Amazing Grace, too. And now I’ve got to go check out Sweet Tidings and see what’s up. 🙂

  4. Thank you for the blog love! Happy crafting! I’m off to check those sites you mentioned too.

  5. Thank you, ladies, for sharing all your great ideas.

  6. I just found your site like, just now and I am so excited! I was searching for “crown of thorn crafts” and there you were with your chocolate crown of thorns 🙂

    Thank you so much for linking to me! I also LOVE Paper Dali and I Blog Therefore I Am, but I’m off to check out Sweet Tidings right now! Thanks again!

    • Ha! It is amazing! I pick 4 crafty ladies only to find out that 3 of them already knew each other. The best part of the chocolate crown of thorns is that it is so hard looking at it all through Lent! We eat ours on Easter.

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