Priests for Life launches pro-life initiatives

The following info came in an email today from Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life.

Priests for Life is launching several big initiatives, and we want you to be part of them.

a) We will launch Freedom Rides across America

b) We will create political responsibility teams to make pro-life progress in the elections of 2010

c) We will distribute the most powerful footage of the unborn child that exists, “The Biology of Prenatal Development” video, to every church, school, and pregnancy center

d) We will begin steps to launch our online pro-life university, enabling people to study their chosen arena of pro-life knowledge and activism.

So as you can see, we’ll need your help!

In addition to the action items, we give you helpful insights into pro-life teaching. Today, in my column below, I begin reflections on the pro-life lessons contained in the Our Father. Over coming weeks, I’ll do the same regarding the Beatitudes and the Commandments.

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You and your loved ones are in my prayers each day! Please pray also for me!

Fr. Frank Pavone

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