Isabel is dancing the solo wedding variation from Coppelia. Sometimes this costume is a platter tutu, but more often it is a romantic tutu in white or ivory. After searching for a costume and not finding quite what we want, we will once again build our costume using various pieces and parts. It is becoming quite a tradition.

For this costume we will embellish a white bodice and romantic skirt. We are shooting for the feel of the costume shown on the right. We are purchasing a ready-made white matte satin bodice from Curtain Call. The skirt is from a costume Ida wore in 2003. These two pieces will become our base.

skirt close up

A bit of progress today! I removed the decorations from the old costume/skirt, cut the leotard top off, and sewed in a 3″ wide elastic waistband. Because the skirt was part of a pre-made costume it already has the leotard bottom built in. It looks and fits great.

Total cost so far — $3.75


We ordered a ready-made white matte satin bodice from Curtain Call Costumes for $45. The bodice is fully lined and boned. It is a very nice professional looking bodice. It comes with one set of hooks attached so you can get a perfect fit. We will embellish it ourselves.

Total cost so far — $48.75

We have purchased quite a few different laces and trims for the bodice. Our main goal is to tie in the gold so that the bodice doesn’t look too “white” against the skirt. Here is the bodice in progress:
embellishment1 embellishment2
The “v” is the same lace as our skirt and was taken from a matching tutu. We will use some more of that gold lace to make draping sleeves as in the goal photo above. Purchased trim included: gold ruffle, $2.50; pearl beaded trim, $6; and small pearl trim, $3.

Total cost so far — $60.25

We attached the ruffled draping sleeves where the straps meet the bodice. Then, we sewed two satin bows onto the front of the bodice right where the draping sleeves are attached. The bows, from the wedding aisle at WalMart for $3, really finished off the look of the bodice.headpiece

Total cost so far — $63.25

Last, but not least — the headpiece — three medium-size white satin roses, from Hobby Lobby for $5 (they were on sale for half price!). We attached them into a slight arc and highlighted the edges with gold glitter glue. This really ties them into the gold lace. The headpiece sits above the dancer’s low-braided bun. Our Coppelia costume is not complete!

Grand Total — $68.25

final costume final costume


iz iz iz

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  1. Hi – I am just today sleuthing for a dance camp on Copellia. I happened upon this – first, as a homeschool mom of 5 – and the years now leave me with one at home – back in 99 – we were in full swing! This, I believe must be your daughter – wow. Great job Mom! Her lines are beautiful! And the outfit more so at a mere $68.25! I am studying the Proverbs 31 woman – glad God let me see one today! – Great job!

  2. Thanks so much, Susan! Yes, this is daughter #3. I’ve got 5 daughters and 1 son. I figured out just recently that this was my 19th dance recital. Wow! That’s alot of dancing! Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your dance camp search.

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