Our projects for Holy Week

palm crown of thorns

Palm Crown:
On Sunday, Maxine made this crown of thorns from several of our palms. Check out my previous post for several palm weaving tutorials. We plan to make some other items out of our remaining palms.

Passion Play:
This weekend, at our St. Louis Catholic Homeschool Conference, I bought Illuminated Ink’s Passion Play Cut ‘n Color Kit. I have been wanting this for a couple of years. It looks like a fun project for the whole family. Illuminated Ink has laminated the freestanding figures in their conference display. This is a good idea and will definitely extend the life of the pieces. Kit includes 4 ready to color 3D scenes, detailed instructions, 3 mini booklets, and plastic character stands.


Ukranian Easter Eggs:
I’ve had this little Ukranian Easter Egg Coloring Book for many years. Every Easter we make copies of the egg pages and everyone colors at least one egg. They usually get taped to the door frame of our schoolroom. There are 16 different designs to pick from.

Unleavened Breads:
Another little book that I have had for many years and has been helpful with the younger crowd is Julie Kelemen’s Lent is for children. This year Crozet wants to make some unleavened bread using the simple recipe in this book. So, on Holy Thursday, in observance of the Last Supper, we will make some unleavened bread to serve with our homemade wine.

The Passion:
We are movie lovers and one Holy Week tradition is for the entire family to watch Mel Gibson’s The Passion. We usually watch on Good Friday.

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