Virtual St. Joseph Altar is Open!

virtual st. joseph altar

The 2009 Virtual St. Joseph Altar is now open!

Visit the Altar to make your virtual offering, add deceased loved ones to the prayer list, or for special prayer requests visit the message board.

Be sure to visit the Virtual St. Joseph Altar blog.

Because of your continued prayers & support, the Altar gets bigger and better each year!

Thank you for helping to spread devotion to St. Joseph & Viva San Guiseppe!

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  1. Oh, goody! It’s just so lovely, Evann! Thank you for doing this. I broke my blog fast to put the announcement.

  2. I am so happy to see your virtual St. Joseph’s Alter. I was born and raised in New Orleans and spent most of my adult life in the Crescent City. I live in Washington DC now because of employment. My son and lots of relatives are in New Orleans–the Cannizzaros. My grandfather was from Sicily. Now that I am “trapped” in Washington, DC I can’t tell you how much I miss celebrating St. Joseph’s Day, the Sicilian way. We have so many Josephs in our Italian family, I’ve lost count. Regrettably, here in the metro Washington DC area, nothing is done to celebrate St. Joseph’s Day, even at the Italian Church Holy Rosary in downtown DC. There are no alters. I am always sad on St. Joseph’s Day living here in our nation’s capitol because I very much miss all the alters and celebrations I grew up with and my family participated in honoring our patron saint. I commend you for your virtual alter. I know you have made St. Joseph and Our Lord very happy. God Bess You!

  3. Karen, Thanks for all your kind comments. I am glad you found the Virtual St. Joseph Altar. It is for folks just like you! Spread the word and Viva San Giuseppe!

  4. Evann, this is GREAT!!!

    Hello to you. It’s good to be here!!!

    Lots of hugs for you…

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