The gift of friends

We don’t have that many friends, but the ones we do have are good friends. This Christmas we experienced the generosity of several of these good friends. Knowing our situation, family of 7 with the breadwinner currently unemployed, these friends confirmed to us that it is a wonderful life!

One couple gave us a $50 grocery gift card, and then gave each of our 6 kids a $25 Kohl’s gift card! My second oldest daughter’s employers, who we have gotten to know and become friends with, gave us a $150 grocery gift card! On Christmas Eve a fully cooked turkey was dropped on our doorstep. This was a gift from another family who was originally just a professional acquaintance. Now we are good friends. Our neighbors are taking all of us to Pizza Hut in a few weeks. Recently, we’ve had trouble with our van overheating. My very best friend’s husband spent 2 days of his vacation working on our van, and is planning to come back and work on our other car as well.

Merry Christmas Bedford Falls, it is a wonderful life!

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  1. You are truly blessed with good friends Evann.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I certainly am, and that includes my online friends as well!
    Happy New year, Esther!

  3. (((((((((Evann)))))))))

    Praise God for all your blessings! I continue to pray for your dear hubby, and all of you. We have been affected by the crises ourselves, so you are not alone. I, too, have experienced the loving support of some good friends. So many families have been affected by the change in economy, but we continue, just like you, to put our trust in God. Evann, God bless you abundantly now and always!!!

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