Egg Hunt Epiphany

I’m reposting this from a few years ago. Enjoy!

It has taken us years to figure out the perfect Easter egg hunt. We started years ago by hiding the brightly colored boiled eggs that the kids had decorated. This was new to me, but it was a tradition in my husband’s family. After about the third hide these boiled eggs are looking pretty sad, and that’s if the dog didn’t run off with them. We tried hiding candy eggs, but there’s still that dog. As our number of children increased we began to hide plastic eggs. These didn’t interest the dog at all, but big kids tended to gather up all the easy to spot eggs and little kids got mad. Finally, the color coded Easter Egg hunt. This might not be a new idea to some of you, but we felt like we had finally come up with something. Each kid gets the same number of plastic eggs, in varying sizes, in their very own color. The younger kids eggs are hidden in easier-to-find locations, and you can’t pick up an egg unless it is your color. Now the egg hunt is fun for everyone, except maybe the dog.


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