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Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – March 2012

General Intention: Contribution of Women. That the whole world may recognize the contribution of women to the development of society. Missionary Intention: Persecuted Christians. That the Holy Spirit may grant perseverance to those who suffer discrimination, persecution, or death for the name of Christ, particularly in Asia.

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – January 2012

General Intention: Victims of Natural Disasters. That the victims of natural disasters may receive the spiritual and material comfort they need to rebuild their lives. Missionary Intention: Dedication to Peace. That the dedication of Christians to peace may bear witness to the name of Christ before all men and women of good will.

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – November 2011

Better late than never! General Intention: For the eastern Churches, that their venerable tradition may be known and appreciated as a spiritual treasure for the entire Church. Missionary Intention: That the African continent may find in Christ the strength to fulfill the path of reconciliation and justice, indicated in the second Synod of Bishops for…

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – October 2011

General Intention: For the terminally ill, that in their sufferings they may be sustained by faith in God and by the love of others.  Missionary Intention: That the celebration of World Mission Sunday may increase in the People of God the passion for evangelization and the support of missionary activity through prayer and economic aid…

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – August 2011

General Intention: That the World Youth Day taking place in Madrid may encourage all the young people of the world to root and found their lives in Christ. Missionary Intention: That Christians of the West, docile to the action of the Holy Spirit, may re-encounter the freshness and enthusiasm of their faith.

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – April 2011

General Intention: That the Church may offer new generations, through the believable proclamation of the Gospel, ever-new reasons of life and hope. Missionary Intention: That missionaries, with the proclamation of the Gospel and their witness of life, may bring Christ to all those who do not yet know Him.

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – March 2011

General Intention: That the nations of Latin America may walk in fidelity to the Gospel and be bountiful in social justice and peace. Missionary Intention: That the Holy Spirit may give light and strength to the Christian communities and the faithful who are persecuted or discriminated against because of the Gospel.

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – February 2011

General Intention: That the family may be respected by all in its identity and that its irreplaceable contribution to all of society be recognized. Missionary Intention: That in the mission territories where the struggle against disease is most urgent, Christian communities may witness to the presence of Christ to those who suffer.

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – November 2010

Drug Addicts and Victims of Every Form of Dependence General: That victims of drugs or of other dependence may, thanks to the support of the Christian community, find in the power of our Saving God strength for a radical life-change. The Continent-wide Mission in Latin America Missionary: That the Churches of Latin America may move…

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – October 2010

Catholic Universities General: That Catholic Universities may more and more be places where, in the light of the Gospel, it is possible to experience the harmonious unity existing between faith and reason. World Mission Day Missionary: That the World Mission Day may afford an occasion for understanding that the task of proclaiming Christ is an…

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – August 2010

The Unemployed and the Homeless General: That those who are without work or homes or who are otherwise in serious need may find understanding and welcome, as well as concrete help in overcoming their difficulties. Victims of Discrimination, Hunger and Forced Emigration Missionary: That the Church may be a “home” for all people, ready to…

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – July 2010

Justice in Electing those who Govern General: That in every nation of the world the election of officials may be carried out with justice, transparency and honesty, respecting the free decisions of citizens. An Urban Culture of Justice, Solidarity and Peace Missionary: That Christians may strive to offer everywhere, but especially in great urban centers,…

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – June 2010

Respect for Human Life General: That every national and transnational institution may strive to guarantee respect for human life from conception to natural death. The Churches in Asia Missionary: That the Churches in Asia, which constitute a “little flock” among non-Christian populations, may know how to communicate the Gospel and give joyful witness to their…

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – May 2010

General: That the shameful and monstrous commerce in human beings, which sadly involves millions of women and children, may be ended. Missionary: That ordained ministers, religious women and men, and lay people involved in apostolic work may understand how to infuse missionary enthusiasm into the communities entrusted to their care.

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – April 2010

General: That every tendency to fundamentalism and extremism may be countered by constant respect, by tolerance and by dialogue among all believers. Missionary: That Christians persecuted for the sake of the Gospel may persevere, sustained by the Holy Spirit, in faithfully witnessing to the love of God for the entire human race.

Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions – January 2010

Young people and Social Communications Media General: That young people may learn to use modern means of social communication for their personal growth and to better prepare themselves to serve society. Christian Unity Missionary: That every believer in Christ may be conscious that unity among all Christians is a condition for more effective proclamation of…