To wrap up the year with my Missouri Conservation Frontiers students, I decided to have each make a lapbook of their favorite aspect of Missouri nature that they learned about this year. Here is what my 10 students, 4th-7th grades, focused their lapbooks on:

wildflowers • birds • snakes & birds • frogs & snakes
ducks • mammals • butterflies

Each lapbook included a checklist of their subject as found in Missouri. Students checked off the ones they have actually seen, and can go back and update their checklist when they see new things. I also required them to include at least one of their very own nature drawings. This was an enjoyable project. We worked on them at co-op and then the students finished them at home.  Other than the checklist, which I provided, the kids were on their own.

Here are two of our Missouri Conservation Frontiers lapbooks:

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