$ store stickers

I saw, on at least two different blogs, that some moms had found nice Catholic stickers at their nearby dollar store. Well, I hit my Dollar Tree yesterday and scooped up 5 different packs! Each pack has four sheets — what a deal! My sets include: Mary, Mysteries of the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, Lent, and Jesus. These will make nice additions to some of our recent lapbooks.


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  1. We have these here . . . they must be all over!

    • Let’s run out and scoop them all up! I figured when I first read about them, and I can’t remember who posted it, that it would only be in their area. We all got lucky.

  2. I think I bought my store out. I couldn’t pass them up. I will have these used in no time, between Little Flowers and home.
    I loved the St. Joseph faux canvas they offered too. It’s perfect for March – the month of St. Joseph.
    Pax Christi – Lena

  3. I had been seeing them too, but it is SO hard for me to get to the grocery store right now, let alone the dollar store… Then last night I was at a StandUpGirl.com banquet dinner and an older woman from church handed me 4 packets that she had bought for us. 🙂 I was so excited!!!

  4. 🙂 Let’s put those cool stickers to good use!

  5. I went last night looking for these and couldn’t find any, sniffle….

  6. I went to another $ store today and landed two more different packs of stickers. One pack is all crosses and crucifixes. The other pack is all nativity scenes. 🙂

  7. I know this is over a year old, but do you remember the company’s name that made these? I’m creating big calendars for my kids and these would be perfect. Thanks, and God bless.

    • Like most all $ store items these stickers are made in China. I jusy hope someone working on them was touched by the Holy Spirit! I’ve removed them from the packages and the ones I have left really give no clue as to origin other than “Santos 2009.” I hope that helps. Keep checking those $ stores as I continue to see them now and then.

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