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Pascal Candle for 2014

This is the most requested item on my blog. Each Lent, as we inch toward Holy Week, I get oodles of emails asking when the latest Pascal Candle art will be available. Juan José, of Hermanoleon Clip Art, just emailed me that his 2014 Pascal Candle art is now online!


This is a very simple Paschal Candle for your home. You will need a tall glass votive with a white candle. It will look better if the glass is clear, but the choice is yours. Print the paschal art and simple wrap it around the glass votive, securing with a bit of tape or glue. Voila! A very pretty, instant Paschal Candle for your home or school room, suitable for even the youngest crafters.

The real thanks go to artist Juan José!

Last year, instead of printing  on plain white paper, I used an inkjet window decal. Looked pretty cool and lasted all year!


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