20 + K + M + B + 12

It’s time for the Epiphany House Blessing. Look for blessed chalk at your Church this weekend!

Using blessed chalk, the head of the household says the following prayer while inscribing 20 + K + M + B + 12 outside, above, or near, the main door of the house:


The 3 wise men






and Balthasar followed the star of God’s Son who became man


two thousand


and twelve years ago.

+ +

May Christ bless our home

+ +

and remain with us throughout this new year.

If others are present:

Almighty God, incline your ear.
May you bless us and all who are gathered here.
Send your holy angel who will defend us
and fill with grace all who live here. Amen.

You may also write ‘ora pro nobis’ (pray for us) underneath with a small crown above each of the three letters to represent the magi.

1 comment for “20 + K + M + B + 12

  1. Patrick Tierney
    October 21, 2012 at 11:37 am

    Thank you so musch for the door blessing, I saw it first over the Deanery door of St Albion’s Cathedral, but didn’t know what it meant. I typed it into the internet and your website popped up. May the Good Lord bless you over Advent,Christmas, and Epiphany, and always. Amen. +nnDnn+

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