Our All Saints pennant banner

saint pennant banner

saint pennant banner

This is a slight twist on our paper-saint parade from last year.

Last week, when I was printing my saints from Paper Dali, there were some technical difficulties with the downloads. So, not having any patience to wait for the problem to be solved, I did what Vee tells everyone not to do. I simply printed the jpgs from within her posts. This gave me smaller saints, but I had an idea!

I trimmed each saint sheet and gave them to my kids to color them. Then I stapled the colored saints onto a long ribbon. The result is something like gas station pennants! A good idea for next time would be to print on a light colored paper, instead of plain white.

Our finished saints pennant banner is now hanging on the fireplace mantle. Enjoy, and Happy All Saints Day!

saint pennant banner

Special thanks to Vee for all her wonderful paper dalis!

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  1. (laughing) Niiiice. I like the “I did what Vee tells everyone not to do” comment. (laughing again) I just say that because I know the pictures will come out itty-bitty or cut off. But this was an awesome work-around the whole problem of Paper Dali downloads … Very clever, Evann!

    And the banner looks lovely! It’s very pretty. Thanks so much for posting and sharing, my friend!

    Blessings galore.

    • Ha ha! I knew you would enjoy that, Vee! Thanks for your wonderful saints — I couldn’t have done it without you!

  2. I’m going to try this!

  3. Ella @ St Joseph's Corner

    We just hung ours outside. It is so beautiful!!!

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