Xplor Missouri nature with your kids

Xplor is the Missouri Department of Conservation’s latest tool for reconnecting children with nature. The magazine is designed to address concern over children’s growing alienation from nature. With six issues per year, Xplor combines the visual, tactile appeal of a full-color magazine with the audio and video capabilities of the internet.

“We want to create a place where kids can go to learn fascinating things about the outdoors that will encourage them to go out and explore the outdoors themselves,” said Conservation Department Art Director Cliff White.

Although my own kids are certainly not alienated from nature, Explor looks like a good addition to their current nature studies.

Xplor is free to Missouri residents. The first issue will come out in February 2010. Subscribe now!

If you live in Missouri, and don’t already subscribe to Missouri Conservationist, I highly reccomend you do. There are some adults out there that could reconnect with nature too!

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