Make a simple Paschal Candle

UPDATE: Looking for 2012 Paschal Candle art?

UPDATE: Looking for 2011 Paschal Candle art?

Better late than never, and we are still in the Easter season! This is a very simple Paschal Candle for your home. You will need a tall glass votive with a white candle. It will look better if the glass is clear, but the choice is yours. Print the paschal art and simple wrap it around the glass votive, securing with a bit of tape or glue. Voila! A very pretty, instant Paschal Candle for your home or school room, suitable for even the youngest crafters.

Want something more involved? Here are a couple of good family candle how to’s:

Paschal Candle for Home from Catholic Culture

The Light of the World, Making a Paschal Candle from

And, for the very serious candle makers:

The Complete Guide to Paschal Candle Carving

paschal candle

Late addition. Jenn at Family in Feast and Feria shared with me some of her favorite links for making Paschal Candles:

Easter Vigil Preparation

Easter Candle How-To

Catholic Culture has some other instructions, not as detailed as linked above by Ethel Marbach and Helen McLoughlin

Yet another late addition. Here is our Paschal Candle.

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  1. Hi……..Love the help here and the links, however, cannot seem to access the Decorating the Paschal Candle without being a member of something or other……..can you fix that please? Thanks as would love to read the article.

  2. Christine Williams

    Can you update for 2018?

  3. Any chance of a 2020 version?

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