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dr duhart

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Dr. Fred R. Duhart, family physician in St. Louis, who died on Saturday. He was 72 years old. He has been our family doctor for 12 years. Dr. Duhart, was the only doctor in the St. Louis area doing home births. He has delivered 5000 babies in the comfort of their families’ homes, including the last two, of my six children.

We have wonderful memories with him, like our first home birth when he and my husband sat eating white cheddar and crackers in the dining room, while I was in labor in the bedroom. I didn’t get any cheese! He set Isabel’s broken arm and stitched up Maxine and Crozet. He pierced my girls’ ears. He and his wife, Ada, even came to our homeschool plays.

He was always there when you needed him, even if it meant meeting you on a Sunday afternoon at his office. He was a very kind, gentle, and understanding doctor, always taking the road of least intervention. We will miss him terribly.

Visitation and funeral information.

Photo was taken November 11, 1997. Dr. Duhart is smiling at my newly born 9lb. baby boy. At that time I had 4 girls he predicted positively that this one was a boy. He also predicted the next would be a girl. He was right both times!

Read the St. Louis Post Dispatch article.

March 24, 2020 UPDATE:

While in coronavirus “stay home” mode, I did some organizing and found the program from Dr. Duhart’s funeral service. For those who still love and appreciate him, here is a PDF.

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  1. May he rest in peace.

  2. Sheandra Brown

    I will truly miss Doctor Duhart. He delivered me 35 years ago. I use to joke that he was my “godfather”. He was always encouraging me to keep doing the positive things that I’ve been blessed to do in life…I certainly will miss my doctor.

  3. Amy Reidhead

    My heart goes out to the dear man that was Dr. Duhart. He was an amazing man and truly an artistic physician. Fred Duhart saw me through two pregnancies and two home deliveries with grace and expert skill. I will miss him terribly, he is my children’s “godfather” of sorts as well. I trusted him so completely. May his family be blessed.


    The world will certainly miss a kind, generous man,he had a beautiful bed side manner,Dr Duhart delivered my first born son,I remember he had gooten lost on the way to our home,that was the best expierince to have a home birth.His wife was always there by his side helping him. My heart goes out to his family. I was just not long ago wanting to send him a picture of my eldest child, and say again thank you to him. Peace

  5. Alice Fitzpatrick

    I am very sad to learn of the passing of Dr. Duhart. I should have checked on him long ago — actually, I remember that I Googled him maybe ten years ago. Everything appeared fine, I saw that he was still using his wonderful skill to deliver babies quietly at home, and all seemed right with his world. I have been reorganizing files today, came across medical papers from the delivery of my son (in September, 1978), and I wondered anew how Dr. Duhart was doing. My husband and I were both born in St. Louis, but left the city in 1979. I write this today from Denver, Colorado — a testament to the fact that Dr. Duhart has a wide geographical legacy; I’m sure the many babies he delivered are now all over the world. I would like his family to know that I will never forget the strong, gentle confidence of the wonderful doctor who was willing to deliver my son at home. It was not a popular decision at the time, and my husband was ridiculed at work for “letting” me do such a thing. I believe meeting Dr. Duhart made all the difference in his comfort level. A fond memory for him is the time Dr. Duhart and he spent hanging out together watching Cardinal baseball while I was in labor with the midwife in a nearby bedroom. What a night!

    Dr. Duhart was a lovely man who touched many more lives than most of us ever will in our lifetime. Peace be with him and those he loved.

    • Thank you, Alice, for sharing your wonderful experience with Dr. Duhart. He did indeed touch many lives.

  6. Dr James McClure

    recently found out that dr freddy had died i asm a good friend of
    the dr from his university of iowa school days as well as a frat
    brother i loved him dearly he inspired me helped me and was an all around supportive person please accept my condolences and if any of the family would care to speak to me at this belated time
    i would be glad to my number is 847 492 1500 God bless you all

    jim mcclure

  7. Daphne Rank

    Dr Duhart – my “gentle giant”….delivered my last three children. 1993, 1996 and 2001. This man was an angel in disguise. I will always remember him with the deepest respect and love. My daughter just had her first baby, which prompted me to search Dr Duhart. I am sad to learn he died so young! What a precious human being!!

  8. Jill Follett

    Dr. Duhart, I believe, saved my daughter’s life. She was my first baby and had severe meconium aspiration. His quick thinking, expertise and wealth of knowledge delivered her quickly and after assessment decided she needed to go to the hospital. He stayed with us during the following 5 days and gave us advice on her care. I’m so thankful to report she just turned 20 years old and is smart and healthy!
    When we learned of Dr. Duhart’s passing in 2009, we were saddened to not be able to pay our respects. We moved back to Canada shortly after our daughter’s birth n 2000. We think of him often and thank God for him!

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